GarmentWorks offers two certificate programs for students who complete a comprehensive curriculum in as few as 5 quarters. By earning one of these credentials, students demonstrate they have gained the necessary skills to pursue a career in the apparel industry.

Certificate of Patternmaking & Sewing

This program covers the entire garment development process, from concept to final production. Upon completion, a student will be prepared to find employment as a patternmaker, start an independent pattern company, run their own clothing design business, or work in many other jobs in the apparel industry.

Certificate of Technical Design

This program focuses on the engineering of garment patterns. Upon completion, a student will have the necessary skills to be employed in the Production or Technical Design department of an apparel company.


Students pursuing a certificate must declare their intention to complete the program by the end of their 3rd class taken at GarmentWorks. Students are required to complete their certificate courses within 3 years for the Certificate of Technical Design and within 4 years for the Certificate of Patternmaking and Sewing. 

Serious hobbyists and home sewers who want to master a wide variety of techniques and concepts in patternmaking and sewing are welcome in all classes. Pursuing a certificate is not a requirement to study with us.

Students are encouraged to take additional elective classes to broaden their knowledge in other areas of interest:

  • Sewing: Couture Strapless Dress

  • Patternmaking and Sewing: Knits

  • Patternmaking and Sewing: Swimwear

  • Patternmaking and Sewing: Button-Front Shirt

  • Patternmaking and Sewing: Suit Jacket

  • Other future courses